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Another Role in the Works…

The Christmas movie feature I worked on up in Hollywood is in post production (editing, effects, sound, etc.) and hopefully will be in release for this Season’s crop of Christmas movies. It has a romantic drama theme with two attractive leads struggling to find their connection during the Holiday season. I costar as the grandfather who is the head of the law firm where the male romantic lead (my grandson) is a young hotshot attorney. It should be a fun watch.

While waiting for this film to go live, I’ve been auditioning for other roles. I’ve actually turned down a few based on scheduling, unsuitability, or other reasons. As an actor, you’ve got to be picky, within reason–the roles you accept define your brand, after all.

The good news is, after a typical audition process involving, searching for available roles that fit my general profile, self video taping to “sides” provided by the director and subsequent Zoom meetings, I have accepted a new supporting role in a new film project. It’s about a father who is struggling with life in a loveless marriage. This one is to be filmed in late Summer, locally, here in the San Diego area. Right now, I’m waiting to receive the full script and learn who my costars will be.

So that’s just a brief update on the life of this actor, for now…

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My New Life as an Actor

For those who don’t know, I have returned in full force to one of my artistic passions, namely, acting. Yes, that’s right. I was once a very serious actor who made the time to audition for and appear in leading roles in stage plays and films. I also appeared in TV commercials, and did a bit of voice over work.

As an actor, I played in comedies, sang in musicals, emoted in dramas, and even fought and tumbled with knives on stage in a Shakespeare production!

Recently I’ve returned to this craft, as I enjoy it so much and truly believe I have a talent to offer here. My focus is on acting for film and television. I’m also doing commercial work and modeling.

In the past, my performances received very good reviews by some very knowledgeable people (hint, hint, Old Globe). I did have an agent, back then, who got me so very few appropriate auditions that it became discouraging. The necessity to make money at other endeavors came to the fore–if I wanted to pay the rent and eat anything other than ramen noodles.

Now, years later, with a retired career behind me, I am diving in to the acting profession, full swan dive, once again.

I’ve had some luck, with some paying gigs including a supporting role in a feature filmed up in Hollywood. That’s great but I’m very actively training and seeking more opportunities. I’m enrolled and participate in acting classes regularly.

So…this blog, in addition to my numerous other artistic endeavors, will share the life of a dramatic actor in his senior years.

I’m here to entertain!

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A Brave New World…

There’s so much hacking, fraud, and data theft happening out there in the wild that I finally added ssl certificate protection to my website. Now, anyone who may have scruples about making a purchase over the internet can rest assured that all data on this site and the store shopping areas is encrypted, secure, and protected. And, once you’ve taken the leap and proceeded to checkout, you are taken to PayPal to finish up, adding an extra layer of security and guarantee.

It was expensive…but you’re worth it ūüôā

Click on the little green seal (if in desktop browsing mode) at the top of the page to see!

…so, what are you waiting for? The holidays are approaching fast and the gift of jewelry or art can be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones.


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Oliver #Pleinair Paintings Showing at Solana Beach Library

Four of my San Diego plein air paintings are showing at the Solana Beach Library in Encinitas.  The art will be on site June 11th through August 3rd, 2016. There is a reception open to all on Saturday, July 16th at 2:00 to 4:00pm.

All four paintings are plein air works, in 16×20 inch landscape format. ¬†Each is¬†identically framed in solid wood with¬†dark, espresso color, red distressed undertones and a gold liner. ¬†They look very elegant in these frames! ¬†Click on an¬†image in the slideshow below to learn more about that painting and to see larger images.

Santa Inez at San Elijo, San Diego plein air painting by artist Ronald Lee Oliver.San Elijo Morning, San Diego plein air painting by artist Ronald Lee Oliver.Batiquitos Clearing, San Diego plein air painting by artist Ronald Lee Oliver.Pala Valley below Palomar, San Diego plein air painting by artist Ronald Lee Oliver.