About Me

With joy, reverence and humility, I create each painting as a condensation of craft and spirit that I wish others to discover and enjoy for generations to come.

For five+ decades now, when I gaze at the incredible beauty of a clouded sky or a tree or foaming waves on the beach, I see with a heightened effort to perceive the vibrant dance of colors, forms, shapes, negative space, tangents and rhythms that make up that beautiful image. I think this is one of my strong points as an artist…that I find form, color and composition deftly and translate them with brush to canvas to share with the world, which is the most important thing for an artist, after all.

Plein air painting, as well as studio work can be found on this site.  I make custom hand-made jewelry too.

In the gallery below, I’ve shared some personal photos that might help you to know me a little better.