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My New Life as an Actor

For those who don’t know, I have returned in full force to one of my artistic passions, namely, acting. Yes, that’s right. I was once a very serious actor who made the time to audition for and appear in leading roles in stage plays and films. I also appeared in TV commercials, and did a bit of voice over work.

As an actor, I played in comedies, sang in musicals, emoted in dramas, and even fought and tumbled with knives on stage in a Shakespeare production!

Recently I’ve returned to this craft, as I enjoy it so much and truly believe I have a talent to offer here. My focus is on acting for film and television. I’m also doing commercial work and modeling.

In the past, my performances received very good reviews by some very knowledgeable people (hint, hint, Old Globe). I did have an agent, back then, who got me so very few appropriate auditions that it became discouraging. The necessity to make money at other endeavors came to the fore–if I wanted to pay the rent and eat anything other than ramen noodles.

Now, years later, with a retired career behind me, I am diving in to the acting profession, full swan dive, once again.

I’ve had some luck, with some paying gigs including a supporting role in a feature filmed up in Hollywood. That’s great but I’m very actively training and seeking more opportunities. I’m enrolled and participate in acting classes regularly.

So…this blog, in addition to my numerous other artistic endeavors, will share the life of a dramatic actor in his senior years.

I’m here to entertain!

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