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Presidio Park Plein Air Paintout

Got out to Presidio Park, near Old Town San Diego, on Saturday with the painters group. Took me a while to find a spot with the right view. I had completely set up in a spot on a knoll that I liked but it forced me to sit on a bed of pine needles to get the right perspective. It took about two minutes to remember I don’t like sitting while painting, so I left everything there and hiked around for fifteen minutes until I found an alternate vista. Here are some shots of the 11 X 14, oil on Ampersand gessobord panel.

"Presidio" in progress
“Presidio” in progress

…and here is the finished painting…


2 thoughts on “Presidio Park Plein Air Paintout

  1. Describe that sky! The limits of the canvas are in the mind.

    1. Thanks for the comment Chippos. About the sky…it has already been described–what you see is what has been given. One thing an artist must learn is that what one viewer loves, another will hate in a given work. Being ok with that is half the battle in moving forward to the next essay. The sky in the work-in-progress photo is three hours later in the morning than what is depicted in the painting.

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