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PB4Y-2 Valiant in Service

I finally had time to return to the air tanker painting. I probably should have done this on a canvas that was three or four times bigger than this one, which is 10 X 20. It made it harder than it should have been to work so tightly. I’ve had some strong positive reactions on this one. What do you think?

“PB4Y-2, Valiant in Service”

3 thoughts on “PB4Y-2 Valiant in Service

  1. I really feel this piece. I like the colors and the whole design of this one.

  2. This is very nice. The colors are very bold and I like that. The red retardant coming out the plane makes me feel as though the plane is bleeding which tells another story of how these heroes risk and lose their lives doing this dangerous job.

  3. […] is the plane that inspired the painting, “Valiant in Service.” I saw one in action, many years ago, dropping retardant on a fire in mountainous terrain near the […]

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