Acquiring Artwork Created by Ron


You can always contact me by email at or by cell phone at (619) 920-5197 for any questions like size, price, framing options, or if you’d like to see more photos or detail photos of the painting, etc – any questions are welcome!

The best way to buy my art is through my PayPal enabled online art gallery.  It’s also accessible through the “Paintings” part of the menu, up at the top of each page.  Click on “Paintings,” then click on an icon of the painting you want to learn more about.  You’ll be taken to a description and a clickable image (to enlarge) of the painting.  You can put paintings in your cart and keep shopping if you wish or go directly to checkout.

Safe and Easy with PayPal

The checkout process for my online gallery is as easy as any online shop and is powered by PayPal.  Because I use PayPal for payments, I don’t see your credit card details and you can rest assured the transaction is secure and verified.  You don’t have to worry about the tax or shipping costs, either, it is complimentary, free and included in the stated price for my art collectors. I take care of all the hassle!

PayPal also allows you to use your credit cards at checkout.  Sorry, but for your and my protection, PAYPAL is the only method of online payment I will accept unless you are buying from me in person.

To get instant updates as soon as a new painting is available, please follow my  Facebook or Instagram accounts–or both! There you can see works in progress (WIPs) and know when I’ve completed something new before it is ever put up on my online gallery.

When you’ve decided to invest in one of my artworks, I will carefully and securely pack the painting and send it after your payment is received. Please allow up to a couple of weeks for delivery, depending on your location.  Sometimes a fresh painting may need to dry for a week or two before it can be shipped.  If that’s the case for your painting, I’ll let you know and ask for your patience to ensure the artwork is fully dry and protected before attempting to ship.

Money back guarantee:

Of course! If you are not happy with the painting (which hasn’t happened yet:), no worries, you can return it within 21 days from delivery. I will refund the total amount minus shipping and PayPal fees, no questions asked.


Pricing on my originals is generally consistent by the size of the paintings but some paintings of the same size may come with more expensive framing or canvases that were selected to compliment the image–thus a difference in price may be noted for a similarly sized work.

When you do decide to purchase, I am confident you will enjoy and appreciate my unique and original art for many, many years to come.

Remember…a thing of beauty is a joy forever!


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