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Lindo Lake Update

Many times, while painting a canvas outdoors, for any of a limitless number of reasons there are parts of the scene that are either too complex, distasteful, or simply don’t mesh and balance the composition. It is the artist’s prerogative to include or exclude these items as necessary to meet the end goal of a harmonious and balanced painting. Known as “Artistic License,” this is the artists ability and authority to change the subject to fit the overall goals of the particular presentation according to their own aesthetic whim. That explains how one departs, creatively speaking, from the scene before him which has dreadful apartment dwelling architecture from the early seventies…


to a simplified and idyllic scene as shown in progress here on the easel…

On the Easel

to a place such as the one depicted here…

Lindo Lake

Thank goodness I don’t feel like I need to paint what I see!

Here is a video demonstration of the actual painting of this piece, on site at Lindo Lake…that’s my wife’s playing the piano in the music background–she also composed the music and arranged the recording.

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2 thoughts on “Lindo Lake Update

  1. Very nice painting. I love the birds in the foreground. Thank goodness you used artistic license!

  2. Nice! Catchy tune as well…….

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